Z Dawn

Z Dawn is a videogame for PC/Mac/Linux. In the burst of the Z outbreak, the world everyone knew ceased to exist. Lead a group of survivors throughout a zombie infested land in a fast-paced turn challenging game. Survive, interact, loot, explore, build, defend, attack!


Z Dawn, it's a fast-paced turn-based in which you have to survive a zombie infested land. The ultimate goal is to find a cure and evacuate the survivors. To survive, you must scavenge for supplies and deal with many random encounters. Build and upgrade your encampment and deal with zombies, zombie bosses, raiders and much more!!

Main Features

• Explore the wilderness left behind and find different locations

• Search for resources, weapons, clothes, food, medicine, etc to keep the survivors alive

• Manage your survivors and equip them according to their favorite skills

• Build, upgrade and fortify your encampment to withstand the hordes of zombies

• Assign survivors to different task like, farming, a guard in a watchtower and many others

• Craft and upgrade equipment

• Deal with different events and choose many possible outcomes

• Deal with other survivors and their respective encampments

• Turn-based, take your time each turn, the same auto-saves each turn

• Random map every time you play a new game, never play the same story twice

• And much more!s

Encampment Battle Supplies Battle Event Time

Z Dawn is game developed by GoldenGod Games, Lda © 2016. Z Dawn and GoldenGod Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoldenGod Games, Lda. Z Dawn published by GoldenGod Games © 2018.