Expect The Unexpected

Expect The Unexpected is a roguelike, fast-paced, turn-based game with RPG elements. Interact with random generated maps in which you have to deal with hundreds of different events and situations. What will you be? What will you become?


In the lands of Lorhaven, the Gods chose you to carry out the hardest and dangerous task, you must collect the 12 Runes of Power to restore the order.

As the chosen Hero you have to travel from place to place, fight with monsters, deal with bandits, fight feral creatures, loot items to equip or sell, trade goods in villages or cities to get better equipment and profit, accept jobs for money and reputation, face numerous unique events! After skirmishes you gain experience that can be used to learn/upgrade spells and skills.


New events will happen each time you travel

Factions will be either your enemy, friend or neutral, depending on the choices you'll make throughout the game

More than 100 unique events filled with action, comedy and suspense

Reputation system based on your actions and choices

Every time you begin a new game, the world will be different

Freedom of choice, you can be either the "hero" or the "villain"

Different types of characters with specific skill sets

After you die, you are sent to afterlife (playable)

Travel from city to city through many pathways fill with life, different random events, deal with pirates, raiders, assassins, animals, traders asking for help, beggars, traps, ambushes, choose faction's sides in battle and much more!

Expect The Unexpected Developed by GoldenGod Games, Lda 2016. Expect The Unexpected and GoldenGod Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoldenGod Games, Lda. Expect The Unexpected published by GoldenGod Games 2016.